Vietnamese song cooks up storm on Chinese social media app (Video)

Created 05 August 2021
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Using Vietnamese rapper Phao's hit song '2 Phut Hon' (Over Two Minutes) in short videos is trending on Chinese social media app Douyin.

Đoạn rap Việt gây bão mạng xã hội Trung Quốc

In early August the song suddenly appeared on the domestic version of TikTok with nearly 1,000 people using it in their videos, and it has attracted tens of millions of views.

Users can be seen dancing to the song in the clips using sexy and funny moves, and they are well received by young people in both urban and rural areas.

A Chinese woman dances to the tune of '2 Phut Hon' on social media app Douyin. Video by Douyin account Beilajiejie.

The first account to use the song has the user name Cciinnn and belongs to a 24-year-old woman. She is quite famous on Douyin with more than 500,000 followers and 5.5 million likes.

'2 Phut Hon' by Phao, real name Nguyen Dieu Huyen, 18, became a mega hit worldwide and even became the most searched song globally on Shazam, an app that can identify music and TV shows from a short sample audio, last December.

This is not the first time a Vietnamese song has trended on Chinese social networks, with 'Cu Chill Thoi' (Just Chill) by indie band Chillies and ‘' (Easy Come Easy Go) by singer Le Quang Hung having done so earlier.


Source: VNE

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