Penalties in Oman clash correct: expert (Video)

Created 14 October 2021
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Gabriel Tan, an expert from sports channel ESPN, gave his take on the referee's calls in the World Cup qualifying game between Oman and Vietnam.

Oman nâng tỷ số lên 2-1

"I must say they used VAR more than usual in this game. But perhaps there were many situations that needed to be reviewed, so that's normal. In the first penalty, I think Ho Tan Tai was making an unnecessary swing with his arm. He didn't need to do that because it was not a dangerous chance even if the Oman player got to the ball first," Tan told VnExpress.

Tan also analyzed Oman's second goal, a direct finish from a corner. Vietnam players said Oman opponents had fouled keeper Nguyen Van Toan and prevented him from catching the ball, but the referee still gave the goal to Oman.

Sometimes, referees call a foul in such situations and sometimes they don't, he said.

He said he had watched that goal over and over again, and there are two points that are worth discussing.

"First, I saw an Oman player push and shove two Vietnam players at the near post. I think the referee should review to see if that contributed to the goal or not.

Second, an Oman player stood right in front of keeper Toan and blocked his vision. But I think the referee saw that the Oman player didn't try to commit a foul (on Toan). This player was just trying to score because the ball almost found his head."

The controversial second goal of Oman.

The situation is difficult to assess, Tan said.

"I'm not the referee, but I have watched many games. I don't always agree with the ref but I would like to understand why he made a decision. In this situation, the push from the Oman player in the near post is a bigger problem than the one who stood in front of the keeper."

Vietnam lost 1-3 to Oman on Tuesday night despite scoring first, in the 39th minute. Oman quickly equalized minutes later and scored the second from a controversial corner. They wrapped it up with a penalty in the 63rd minute after failing to convert the first earlier.

Tan said Vietnam didn't play well in the Oman game because of individual fouls that led to the penalties.

But he said Vietnam can be proud of their performance in the first three games, in which they lost 1-3 to Saudi Arabia, 0-1 to Australia and 2-3 to China. "I think Vietnam are doing a good job so far."


Source: VNE

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