Vietnamese celebrities join hands to fight COVID-19 in quarantine zones

Created 05 August 2021
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Vietnamese celebrities are actively joining volunteer teams in quarantine zones to boost the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic which is spreading across the city.

A team of celebrity volunteers entering a quarantine zone in HCM City to help people fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Photo

HCM CITY Vietnamese celebrities are actively joining volunteer teams in quarantine zones to boost the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic which is spreading across the city.

Since the fourth COVID-19-pandemic broke out in HCM City, many members of the entertainment industry including artists, singers and models have been participating in humanitarian works to help lessen the hardship of citizens in isolated areas.

Many of them have volunteered to act as coordinators for the vaccination programme, to go shopping for quarantined people while others have gone inside locked-down areas to take samples for COVID-19 testing.

Images of MC Quỳnh Hoa, Hòang My -- the first runner-up of 2010 Miss Việt Nam -- and singer Quốc Đạt passed a blockade fence to enter an isolation area to take COVID-19 test samples from people in District 7 have gone viral.

Hoàng My jokingly called it a "cinematic" moment.

She confided while speaking on that when she went to areas with F0 cases she was very scared and apprehensive. But then, after going to a number of blockades and being exposed to many F0s, she became "immune" to the feeling of fear.

Born in 1988, My said she wanted to contribute to the city's fight against the pandemic.

"I told myself to just do my job and if I got COVID-19 I will deal with that later," My added.

Meanwhile, MC Quỳnh Hoa expressed her good feeling on the day she joined a volunteer artist team to hold a performance at a field hospital to boost the spirit of doctors and patients there.

"Emotions are difficult to describe performing at a special space like a COVID-19 field hospital. We all sang songs together in protective suits and tight masks. Everyone felt touched and moved," Hoa said.

According to singer Phương Thanh, her life was turned completely upside down during more than a month of volunteering.

The singer said she stayed up late, got up early, worked continuously and moved between locations to help people. Wearing shorts and slippers, she was loading, unloading goods and transporting them to the blockaded areas.

Every time after coming home, her face was imprinted with the mask, according to Thanh.

She told Zing: “I was born into a family with a military tradition and a very strong spirit. Many ask me how can I get the energy to work continuously. I'm really not tired at all but the more I work, the stronger I am." VNS

Every time after coming home from volunteering, Thanh's face has the imprint of a mask, Photo


Source: VNN

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