Four cops suspended for beating up two boys in southern Vietnam

Created 29 September 2022
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Four policemen captured on CCTV camera in the southern Soc Trong Province brutally beating up two boys with batons and helmets have been suspended.
Xác minh video cảnh sát đấm đá người đi xe máy

The five-minute video, which went viral on social media Wednesday, is said to show a yard in the southern province's Vinh Chau Town where the incident happened Sunday.

Xác minh video cảnh sát đấm đá người đi xe máy

Security camera footage shows two people wearing police uniforms beating a young man in Soc Trang Province.

Two police officers are seen chasing after two boys riding a motorbike. The police get off their bike and start raining blows on the men, who do not seem to resist or fight back.

After about two minutes, another two policemen arrive, and one of them punches one of the two men. The video shows the two men being body checked afterward.

Vinh Chau Police said Wednesday night that the two police officers in the first part of the video were Captain Chau Minh Trung and a lieutenant.

According to initial clarifications, a Vinh Chau's police patrol team saw the two youths driving a motorbike of over 100cc, whose license requires one to be at least 18, so they signaled the two to stop for a check.

But they sped up instead and drove for more than 10 km before stopping in front of a warehouse, where they were beaten by the cops.

Trung has admitted to beating the boys. "The two students did not have a driver license... The one driving was zigzaging, cutting in front of the police's motorbikes, so we were angry," he said.

Lam Thanh Sol, director of Soc Trang Police Department, hasd said that the department has reported the incident to the Ministry of Public Security and will severely punish any wrongdoing.

Source: VNE

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