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Sơn Mỹ massacre victims remembered on 55th anniversary

The event took place at the Sơn Mỹ memorial site in Tịnh Khê Commune, Quảng Ngãi, where family members and local officials gathered to honour the victims and remember the tragedy that forever scarred the region.


Hanoi scammers ask parents for money, say children hospitalized

Scammers are tricking people in Hanoi into sending them money by telling them their children are hospitalized and require surgery.
Screenshot of a text message requesting a person to send money to a particular bank account. Photo by Hoang Anh Tu


Hải Dương urged to fully tap potential for breakthrough development

Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính urged the northern province of Hải Dương to focus its strategy on green growth, digital transformation and innovation for breakthrough and sustainable development.


Parents targeted by scammers claiming child is injured, demanding money for treatment

The scammers insist parents immediately transfer money to cover the cost of surgery or treatment.


Amendment could allow hospitals to negotiate prices to solve medical supply crisis

Medical facilities may negotiate the prices of certain drugs and products during the contractor bidding process, according to a draft amendment to the Law on Procurement.
Amendment could allow hospitals to negotiate prices to solve medical supply crisis


Former staff member of Vietnamese Embassy in Malaysia under investigation

This latest development comes as part of a broader investigation into alleged bribery, abuse of power, and asset appropriation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in Hà Nội and other regions.


Việt Nam seeks stronger partnership with Spain

Politburo member and Permanent Vice Chairman of the National Assembly (NA) Tran Thanh Man on March 15 arrived in Madrid to start his four-day working visit to Spain.


President Võ Văn Thưởng receives more congratulations from Malaysia, Germany, US

Leaders of more countries and the Secretary-General of the United Nations have offered congratulations to President Võ Văn Thưởng on his recent election as the State leader of Việt Nam by the 15th National Assembly.


Police warn against financial investment offers on unverified Telegram channels

The Hà Nội’s police have asked citizens to stay vigilant in order not to be lured to make financial investments following the offers of unverified Telegram channels and accounts.


Large-displacement motorcycles under the spotlight after string of accidents

A female environmental worker was recently struck by a large-displacement motorcycle driver while on Thăng Long Boulevard in Hà Nội, resulting in a broken leg. The driver fled the scene.


Improving infrastructure key for Mekong Delta to develop

With 15,000 km of waterways, the region’s logistics system remains inadequate. Connecting modes of transport is the ideal way for the Mekong Delta region to develop.


Training quality a top priority for healthcare majors

Health experts have raised concerns over the racing of universities to open healthcare majors and enroll students in the past several years, which is likely to reduce the qualifications of future health workers if training quality is not assured.


HCM City land price coefficient for compensation raised

HCM City’s residential land price coefficient for compensation payment is between three and 25 while for agricultural lands it is 38.


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