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Restoring clarity to rivers in Hà Nội

People in Hà Nội are not at all unfamiliar with the pollution in Tô Lịch, Đáy, Nhuệ rivers, and the effects of pollution here is an neverending story. Báo Tài Nguyên Môi Trường (Environment Resources Newspaper) reports.


Quảng Trị: 70kg sea turtle released back to the wild

A 70kg sea turtle that was accidentally caught in the net of a local fisherman was released back to the sea in the central province of Quảng Trị on Thursday.


Cold spell forecast to hit northern region tonight, steep temperature drop expected

A northeasterly cold front is forecast to come to the northern region, causing the temperature to drop to 9-12 degrees Celsius, accompanied by cold rain, on the night of November 29. The cold front also affects the central regions and causes the weather here to be cooler in the following days.


“No country can fix climate change on its own”: PM

Speaking at GEFE 2022, the PM said all solutions to global warming require global cooperation, and people must be a central pillar of any successful climate change strategy. 


Communities join hands to conserve Hòn Yến wetlands, corals

Local communities in An Hòa Commune, Tuy An District of the southern province of Phú Yên have been making changes to conserve the Hòn Yến wetlands while still improving their livelihoods through sustainable economic development


Đắk Lắk spends more than $2.2 million to end elephant rides

Trần Xuân Phước, director of the Đắk Lắk Centre for Elephant Conservation, Animal Rescue and Forest Protection Management, said the centre would implement the project.


Project on plastic waste management based on circular economy model launched in Cần Giờ

The objective of the project, sponsored by Coca-Cola Foundation, is to facilitate collaboration between consumers, waste pickers, recyclers, and local authorities to pilot the new and innovative approach of Circular Economy and provide feedback for National Policy adaptation.


'Ring the Golden Bell' contest tackles environmental pollution

The contest took place on Wednesday at Phượng Hoàng School in Duy Tân Street in Vinh City with the aim of helping students understand the importance of the environment and provide them adequate knowledge on how to effectively protect it.


Stranded dolphin rescued near Quảng Ninh's Cô Tô Island

Fishermen speculated that the creature might have wandered astray from its pod inadvertently during a hunt trip.


Saving the bears

Since 2017, Four Paws has completed 24 bear rescue missions in Việt Nam. Five years have passed since the first rescue and now 49 Asiatic black bears are living happily in their forever home – the Bear Sanctuary Ninh Bình. There is still a lot of work to continue rescuing and protecting these animals and developing conservation awareness.


With better understanding, people voluntarily hand over rare endangered animals to authorities

Located in Central Trường Sơn, the forests of Thừa Thiên-Huế province have high biodiversity, with about 134 species of mammals and more than 500 types of birds.


Khánh Hoà issues master plan for Nha Trang Bay restoration

The Khánh Hòa Provincial People's Committee has just issued a master plan to preserve and restore coral reefs in Nha Trang Bay.


US, Việt Nam launch new five-year project to reduce environmental pollution

Việt Nam faces a series of environmental pollution challenges largely spurred by agriculture, transportation, and industrial production.


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