Poor sexual healthcomplicates marriage

Created 20 November 2022
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I am 30 years old and own a business. My sexual health is not good - something a doctor implied to me when I was little.

My ex-girlfriend told me it was not a problem since I can use toolsforsupport. I got prescribed medicine to use every time I had sex. With the medication, my sex life improved. However,the medicine's impact got weaker overtime,soI had to change to another type, plus it also causes slightly uncomfortable side effects.

Later, for some reason, my ex-girlfriend and I broke up, and I later met someone else. She is quite traditional and opposes having relationsbefore marriage. Since I won't get the chance to test our sexualcompatibility or determine whether the relationship will be problematic if the drug stops working, I'm not sure if I should stay in it. I intend to get married the following year if we do decide to stay together.

Business in the past few years has been favorable, so I have savedVND600 million(24,186 $), with the intention of using some of it for In Vitro Fertilization (when I last saw the doctor, my sperm count was low), and the remainder for my future marriage.

I would like to ask readers, especially those who are in the same situation and who have experience in married life:can I manage my marriage if my sexual health is not so good? Thank you.

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