Car accidents in Vietnam come from poor training

Created 23 September 2022
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A man crashed his car into a fire hydrant and a factory wall in HCMC this week after leaving a police station with his new license plate, and as always, readers blamed driving tests.
Car accidents in Vietnam come from poor training

"Road deaths would be 99% less if only the driving tests were actually meant to make you a good driver, not just empty your bank account. Hardly makes you feel safe knowing a lot of people mistake the brake for the accelerator!!!"

"The Vietnamese use both feet for braking and accelerating. They have not been trained to use the same foot for both. I have seen many Vietnamese children driving toy cars and doing the same thing. In addition, they would fail the driving test in a western country but everyone passes it in Vietnam."
Bruce Godwin

"Often they confuse the brake pedal with the gas... only in Vietnam!"

"I see many times they use left foot to drive, and the right foot gets impatient, this what happens, car ram thru traffic lights and walls."

"Off the motorbike and into a car without the proper skills."

Source: VNE

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