An immediate plastic bag ban is possible

Created 22 April 2022
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Readers cheered a decision to ban single-use plastic bags in malls and supermarkets from 2026, but said it should be applied sooner and in more places.
An immediate plastic bag ban is possible

"I applaud this decision, but wish it would come into effect much sooner, say June 1, 2023. Consumers should be able to easily adapt to bringing their own bags. Not every little scrap of grocery item needs its own little bag. Eggs can be packaged in recycled cardboard containers and fish and meat will have to find their own solutions."

"Excellent. It was a step forward of Vietnam. I totally agree with the decision from the authorities. Humans need to understand that they are equal to all other creatures on the earth. They have a responsibility to protect the earth."
Danh Bui

"Very good. Why not immediately. It's possible."
Pierre Gaubert

"Please extend this to the plastic boxes that take away restaurants use. They can easily convert to cardboard boxes and wooden forks etc."

"Plastic is used not only in supermarkets and malls... all these takeaway foods single-use packages also big source of pollution. People take food to some nice place and leave pile of garbage behind. If Vietnam wants to attract tourists, and they come and see all that mess somebody left behind - it spoils all the positive impressions. Plastic epidemic is much more lasting than Covid. Plastic garbage does not disappear, overtime it becomes microplastic pollution and in the chain of food it will be consumed by humans and nobody know yet the effects on health."

"India is banning single use plastic from 1 July this year, as a practical matter almost everyone stopped using it in big cities a few years ago when the govt first threatened to ban it."
Neel Kolhatkar

Source: VNE

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