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Book tells journeys of Vietnamese immigrants to the UK in search of better lives

The 224-page book, released by Hồ Chí Minh City General Publishing House, vividly depicts in detail the journeys fraught with pain, danger and even humiliation that each victim has gone through to seek a better life.


Hà Nội to celebrate New Year with drone light show and marathon

A countdown event, concert, drone light show and an international marathon will be held in Hà Nội to celebrate the New Year 2023.


Exhibitions celebrate Huế’s national heritage, traditional festivals

An art exhibition showcasing the charming beauty of Phước Tích ancient village in Huế has opened at the Điềm Phùng Thị Art Centre in the former imperial capital.


Century-old collection of Chinese immigration artifacts offers glimpse into history

Duong Rach Sanh from HCMC boasts a collection of 2,500 artifacts from Chinese immigrants dating back to the first day they arrived and settled in the Saigon-Cho Lon neighborhood.
Century-old collection of Chinese immigration artifacts offers glimpse into history


Tiny traditional houses provide cultural model

To teach future generations about the symbolic meaning of the traditional house, an artisan in Plei Kte Village in the central province of Gia Lai has weaved many miniature communal houses from bamboo wicker.


Self-taught musical theatre artist lets his Imagi-nation soar

Nguyễn Hoàng Thiện (Jay Thiện Nguyễn) is a musical theatre performer who has come into his own over the last decade with performances in Việt Nam, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt and other countries. A self-taught artist who honed his craft in local and international performing arts programmes, Thiện envisions driving social change through the arts.


Experimental tuồng plays feature Vietnamese history

Artists from the State-owned HCM City Tuồng Theatre will perform a new experimental play set in the Nguyễn Dynasty of the 19th century in HCM City.


Putting Vietnamese silk on the world map

Việt Nam has a long tradition of silk production and silk weaving. However, the Vietnamese silk brand is faint on the world map, a silent shadow behind foreign big brands. This concerns those who make Vietnamese silk, love traditional values and have national pride.


Pan-fried sea bass

with Executive Chef Bernado Cabrera at Azerai Cần Thơ restaurant


Young singers entertain fans with new content

Young Vietnamese singers have recently been busy bringing new music content to audiences.


Is it selfish to ask my wife to share living costs with me?

I wanted to split the bills with my wife but she was upset and said I was selfish and petty.


Frustrated and scared by commuting in Vietnam

When commuting, many Vietnamese tend to become aggressive and violent. They are willing to use their fists, take over the road, and honk their horns loudly instead of talking it out.
Frustrated and scared by commuting in Vietnam


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