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Cầm Ca Club provides free traditional Vietnamese music

Cầm Ca, a traditional music club, and the free-of-charge Bình Dân Học Nhạc (Music Education for the Masses) Campaign was set up to spread the love for traditional music.


Grilled chicken wings with five-spice powder

with Chef Lê Đức Hải of Ngon Garden Restaurant


Embracing Hồ Chí Minh's simple lifestyle

The founding father of modern Việt Nam died more than 50 years ago, but for millions of Vietnamese, visiting the mausoleum and seeing him lying-in-state means so much.


Yên Bái hosts ceremony to receive UNESCO certificate on Xòe Thái dance

PM Chính praised generations of folk artists and the Thái ethnic community for their tremendous efforts to conserve this priceless cultural heritage.


Ninh Bình fuses tourism with heritage conservation

Most experts see Tràng An in Ninh Bình as a model for how conservation and development can work hand in hand.


Golden boy makes comeback in global informatics competition

Nguyễn Duy Phong was eliminated in the National Office Informatics Competition five years ago. However, he has just become the new world champion in the Microsoft Excel 365 Apps & 2019 category at the World Office Informatics Competition 2022 in the US. Thanh Nga chats with him


Cruise ship offers full spectrum of entertainment

Thuy Hang had a chance to enjoy amazing experience on the Spectrum of the Seas – a 16-deck international cruise ship the size of a vast building.


Mum's the one for backpacking fun

Hiền Vy, a 36-year-old, is well known in local backpacking groups after recently finishing a 700km tour with her 68-year-old mother.


Singer permitted to perform live from home balcony

After being fined for failing to apply in advance for a permit to sing live from his own balcony, singer Tuan Hung has been officially authorized to do so again.
Tuấn Hưng hát


Oil spill in river leaves Hanoi apartment residents scrambling for water

Following the contamination of Hanoi’s Da River by oil from an overturned truck, there is a water shortage and local residents are forced to store in buckets.
Oil spill in river leaves Hanoi apartment residents scrambling for water


Lacquer paintings capture Vietnam's rural landscape

A variety of rural Vietnamese landscapes are vividly portrayed in lacquer paintings by late painter Le Quoc Loc (1918-1987), an alumnus of the Indochina College of Fine Arts.
Lacquer paintings capture Vietnam's rural landscape


Fashion shows to spread quintessence of Vietnamese culture and heritage

The series is the brainchild of former supermodel Hạ Vy and director Hoàng Công Cường, who is the mastermind of several big events in Việt Nam including the opening ceremony of the Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) 31 in Hà Nội in May.


Unique green moss-covered homes of the Tây Côn Lĩnh mountain range

It is an ideal environment for plants to flourish and thrive, including thick green moss, which ethnic people use to cover the palm-leaf roofs of their homes.


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