Remote work to become new trend as new normal looms

Created 15 September 2021
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HDBank will continue with its remote working model as it has done for more than a year now to adapt to the unpredictable pandemic situation.

HDBank will continue with its remote working model as it has done for more than a year now to adapt to the unpredictable pandemic situation.

HCM CITY — HDBank will continue with its remote working model as it has done for more than a year now to adapt to the unpredictable pandemic situation.

Work-from-home (WFH) has become a new trend at many leading global technology companies such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple.

Since the beginning of March last year Google has allowed its employees to work remotely and later officially adopted the model to meet social distancing requirement.

Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple have plans to continue with the same model over the long term., Switzerland’s leading news site for professionals in the financial sector, said recently HSBC is the latest bank to combine the working on-site and remote working models among many worldwide.

Remote work is no longer a temporary solution, but will possibly become a new and permanent trend to ensure personnel stability and sustainable development amid fluctuations faced by businesses.

‘Remote Jobs – Remote Working’ by HDBank

Amid the fourth wave of the pandemic, businesses in essential industries that are allowed to remain open have had to have staff work, eat and stay at the workplace or work remotely.

Though not required to adopt either model, a number of banks have both had staff staying in office and working from home if they lived in areas locked down under Directive 16.

Phạm Quốc Thanh, CEO of HDBank, said over the past year the bank has been rotating the work-from-home (WFH) model throughout its system.

Recently, when HCM City and provinces and cities across the country implemented Directive 16 that requires “everyone to stay where they are”, HDBank strictly complied with regulations while also ensuring its systems operated smoothly and without a break.

Like Google and HSBC, HDBank has been proactive in implementing the remote working model, he said.

It first introduced it in its digital transformation centre, information technology division with e-banking, and call centre. Under the model, staff can work from anywhere and do not have to go to the office while enjoying all the normal benefits of regular employees.

“The foundation for us to deploy Remote Jobs - Remote Working is the bank’s investment in technology and digital transformation of operations in a timely fashion,” he said.

“The model proved effective in terms of personnel stability, operations and cost savings.”

Staff in technology departments that manage projects share information and work using tools like Jira and Confluence on the cloud.

Submissions are electronically signed via iPaper.

Meetings are held using Zoom, MS Team, Workplace chat, and Workplace call.

Training livestreams and talk shows are held regularly on Workplace, an online collaborative software tool developed by Facebook.

“HDBank also introduced human resource application People HDBank into timekeeping and implemented a data management tool (PowerBI) to help manage employees based on data with images,” Thanh said.

Workplace social network has become an internal communication channel for employees throughout the bank.

While the pandemic has changed many aspects of society and the world, digital transformation has helped companies everywhere including in Việt Nam improve their business.

Businesses that implement digital transformation early will more easily adapt to the pandemic and continue to grow.

The bank’s robust efforts at digital transformation are in line with its roadmap to promote digitisation, under which the Remote Jobs - Remote Working trend is its most important choice and contributes to building the Happy Digital Bank, a modern digital bank developed to foster happiness in people, customers and employees.

Source: VNN

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