Market promotes northwest cultural beauty

Created 19 March 2019
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A special market took place in Dien Bien province as part of the 6th Ban Flower Festival. Market-goers had a chance to experience the unique cultural beauty and customs of ethnic people in the northwest region.
Kết quả hình ảnh cho Market promotes northwest cultural beauty

At the market, the Mong artisans of Muong Ang district introduced to visitors the process of making Khen panpipe and the special features in the art of playing Khen panpipe and dancing. For many generations, Khen has been an instrument associated with the life of the Mong people, a means of human communication with the spiritual world.

At the market, Thai ethnic people introduced the embroidery art on the Pieu scarf, the symbol of Thai women. The Pieu scarf is woven from cotton thread and then dyed in indigo until it reaches the desired colour, Thai women will embroider on the colourful and eye-catching motifs.

Visitors also admired the art of creating patterns on traditional costumes of Mong Hoa people, one of the eight types of national intangible cultural heritage of Dien Bien province.

The fair took place until March 18th.-VNA


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