Solo exhibition shows Art Brut paintings

Created 08 March 2022
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An exhibition entitled Rung Động (Vibrant) is displaying 50 paintings by Nguyễn Mỹ Linh at VICAS Art Studio. 

Nguyễn Mỹ Linh (right) at the exhibition opening ceremony. Photo VICAS Art Studio

HÀ NỘI An exhibition entitled Rung Động (Vibrant) is displaying 50 paintings by Nguyễn Mỹ Linh at VICAS Art Studio.

Linh is a student at Hà Nội University and had never picked up a brush until last May.

In the past, she had problems communicating and socialising but now she finds through art she can express her thoughts and feelings.

"I always hid myself away and rarely showed the real me to other people," she said at the exhibition opening ceremony.

"I kept all the emotions inside. Of course that's not the way for a person to grow normally."

She drew her first painting to release her repressed emotions that she had kept bottled up for a long time.

"When I complete a painting I feel the repressed emotions inside have lessened," said Linh.

"Sometimes, it is a sadness, the things that are difficult to speak out and rarely is it joy. In the future, I want to pursue art because it will not only help me to release the stress but also give me a chance to feel alive."

Her paintings are called "Art Brut" or known as "Outsider Art" which were a speciality of the great French artist Jean Dubuffet in the middle of the last century. He discovered, collected and promoted a particular art movement in which "works are created from solitude and from pure and authentic creativity impulses without interference of any worries about social competition, acclaim or advancement".

Most of the famous Art Brut works are created by people who are the introverts. They see the images and movements within themselves the project it through their art, curator Bùi Quang Thắng said.

"The 50 abstract paintings in this exhibition are the inner confessions of the young girl. They are quite diverse in terms of psychological states as well as corresponding emotions," he said.

"Her artworks are the projection of her mentality. It can be the ambiguity in the perception of time, the disparity in perception of space, the fear, the tension, sometimes even the pent-up desperation, the hazy states between the past and future, the confusion, the latent hysteria with mental scars or the helplessness when wanting something but unable to speak it out and work it out. It also can be positive emotions such as love, excitement, etc."

Her paintings are beautiful whether in colour-oriented or line-oriented form. The colour compositions are unique and skilful and the interactions always shine with a distinct impression with the cool or warm tones.

The exhibition runs at VICAS Art Studio, A Building, 32 Hào Nam Street, Hà Nội, until March 19.

Remember to follow the health rules made by the Ministry of Health to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic. - VNS


Source: VNN

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An exhibition entitled Rung Động (Vibrant) is displaying 50 paintings by Nguyễn Mỹ Linh at VICAS Art Studio.