Exhibition shows President Hồ’s care for working class

Created 19 May 2020
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With more than 200 artefacts, photos and documents, the exhibition is divided into three parts.

HÀ NỘI — An exhibition showcasing the care and love between President Hồ Chí Minh and the working class opened yesterday at the National Museum of History to commemorate the leader’s 130th birthday.

With more than 200 artefacts, photos and documents, the exhibition is divided into three parts: the establishment of the working class and the Việt Nam Trade Union, the care of President Hồ for the workers and the working class following President Hồ’s example.

The exhibition helps the public get a better understanding of President Hồ’s ideology associated with the working class, how the great leader cared about the working class during the national resistance and the establishment of the country and the responsibility of the working class in the development of the country.

President Hồ was not only the founder of the Communist Party but also laid the foundation and theories for the Việt Nam Trade Union. He soon realised the historical mission and role of the working class in the struggle for independence and the development of the country, according to the museum’s director Nguyễn Văn Đoàn.

“President Hồ spent a part of his life as a worker with a lot of hardship and tiredness, especially when he worked abroad to find a way to save the country,” said Đoàn.

“None better than him, he had an empathy and special care for the working class. He paid attention to building the trade union to support and protect the rights of the workers nationwide.”

“Despite busy work, old age and poor health, he often visited factories, mines and working areas to talk, give lectures and encourage workers with love and desire to build a pioneering, advancing and dynamic working class.

"Until the end of his life, he still devoted his whole-hearted faith in the bravery and strength of the working class because he deeply understood the future of the country depends largely on this pioneering class.”

The objects include newspapers about the working class, posters expressing solidarity among workers to fight oppression, letters and gifts from President Hồ to excellent workers and products invented and manufactured by the working class.

The exhibition will run until the end of August at the National Museum of History, 25 Tông Đản Street, Hà Nội.


Source: VNN

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