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Vincom Towers

191 Ba Trieu, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Vincom Towers Vincom Trade Center is called “Shopping Paradise of Vietnam”. Placed on the 5 lower floors in 3 towers of Vincom City Towers, the Trade Center concentrates leading domestic and international brands in all fields: Fashion, Cosmetics, Electronics, Home A ...

Telephone+84 4 3 974 9999
Fax+84 4 3 974 8888

NhaBe Garment Corp.

4 Ben Nghe, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh, VN, Vietnam, 10000

NhaBe Garment Corp. After over 30 years of existence, the NBC’s greatest success so far is it has gained a great reputation of producing capacity and quality of products with domestic and foreign customers, and it also has built a strong and united staff, who always aim for ...

Telephone(+84 8) 3 872 0077 - 3 872 9124
Fax(+84 8) 3 872 5107

ThaiTuan Group Corp.

1/148 Nguyen Van Qua, Dong Hung Thuan Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

ThaiTuan Group Corp. ThaiTuan Group Corporation is one of the leading Vietnamese textile product and fashion services supplying enterprises, and specializing in producing jacquard, plain from polyester, spandex and visco, etc using advanced technologies transferred from Japan ...

Telephone(+84 8) 3 719 4612 - 3 719 4613
Fax(+848) 3 719 4609

Parkson Vietnam Co., Ltd

1 Thai Ha, Ha Noi, VN, Vietnam, 10000

Parkson Vietnam Co., Ltd Parkson is a premier family department store that brings the latest in fashion, beauty and lifestyle to its middle and middle upper class consumers under one roof. Parkson has its origins in Malaysia where it is the leading department store chain and have ...

Telephone(+84 4) 3 537 8666
Fax(+84 4) 3 537 8669

Song Hong Garment JSC.

105 Nguyen Duc Thuan, Nam Dinh, Vietnam

Song Hong Garment JSC.

Telephone(+84 35) 3 649 365
Fax(+84 35) 3 646 737

NhaTrang Garment JSC.

62 Le Hong Phong, Nha Trang, Viet Nam

NhaTrang Garment JSC. Professional manufacturing & trading all kinds of Accessories : Zipper (Nylon, Plastic, Metal), Metal Button, Velcro tape, Elastic band, Buckles (Plastic, Metal), Ring (Plastic, Metal), Hook & Bar ...

Telephone(+84 58) 3 875 725
Fax(+84 58) 3 875 728

Phuong Dong Garment JSC.

1B Quang Trung, Ward 8, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam

Phuong Dong Garment JSC. Phuong Dong Garment Joint Stock Company was formerly known as Phuong Dong Garment Factory established in December 31, 1988. In April 29, 1993; Phuong Dong Garment Factory renamed Phuong Dong Garment Company and became an independent account institutio ...

Telephone(+84 8) 8 945 729
Fax(+84 8) 8 940 328

TBS Group

An Binh Town, Di An District, Binh Duong, Viet Nam

TBS Group THAI BINH SHOES was founded in 1992 by a group of Vietnamese shareholders as one of the very first footwear company in the era of modern Vietnam. Till now, under the leadership of Chairman Nguyen Duc Thuan and his leader teams have established a strong, d ...

Telephone(+84 8) 3 724 1241
Fax(+84 8) 3 806 0223

SaiGon 3 Garment JSC.

40/32 National Road No. 13, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

SaiGon 3 Garment JSC. SaiGon3 garment Joint-Stock company, based in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, is a leading garment manufacturer specializing in various kinds of trousers: mainly Jeans, khaki and sportwears with total output exceeding 9 million pieces a year. SaiGon3 has s ...

AN PHUOC Garment Co., LTD.

100/11-12 An Duong Vuong, District 5, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

AN PHUOC Garment Co., LTD. An Phuoc Garment Manufacturing was established in 1992 with 50 workers, 40 sewing machines, specialished in manufacturing for exporting entreprises. After the Viet Nam Entreprise Law being in vigour on April 26,1993. An Phuoc increased its capital, ...

Telephone(+84 8) 3 835 0059
Fax(+84 8) 3 835 0058

Au Lac Designs Co., LTD.

8th Floor, 609 Lac Long Quan Road, Tay Ho District, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Au Lac Designs Co., LTD. Au Lac Designs is working in Vietnam as a fair trade organization, helping traditional craft producers develop their small businesses and create sustainable development for the rural poor... Au Lac Designs is working in Vietnam as a fair trad ...

Telephone(+84 4) 6 258 1474
Fax(+84 4) 6 258 1452

Viet Tien Garment Co., LTD.

07 Le Minh Xuan, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Viet Tien Garment Co., LTD. Viet Tien Garment Company (VTEC) , established since 1976, is presently a production and trade company belonging to VINATEX, specializing in garment manufacture, trade of equipment, materials & accessories for garment industry, household electric applianc ...

Telephone(+84 8) 3 864 0800 (22 lines)
Fax(+84 8) 3 864 5085

Hanoi Textile-Garment Co., LTD.

1 Mai Dong, Hoang Mai District, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Hanoi Textile-Garment Co., LTD. HANOI TEXTILE GARMENT COMPANY - HANOSIMEX General Director: Mr. Nguyen Khanh Son The company specializes in: - Manufacturing – Trading - Importing and exporting textile and apparel including: raw material such as: cotton, polyester fibre, yarn, k ...

Telephone(+84 4) 3 862 1024
Fax(+84 4) 3 862 2334

Thiennam Co., LTD.

Binh An Industrial Park, Binh Hoa, Thuan An, Binh Duong, Vietnam

Thiennam Co., LTD. Thien Nam was established in 1990. At first the company’s main business was selling raw material and chemicals for the textile and garment industry. In 1996, Thien Nam changed the direction to manufacturing yarns. Between 1996 and 2007, the company bui ...

Telephone(+ 84 - 0650) -3 75782
Fax( +84 - 0650) -3 75778

Garco10 JSC.

Nguyen Van Linh, Sai Dong, Long Bien District, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Garco10 JSC. Looking back the history, GARCO 10 JSC has passed through over a half of century of taking shape and development. During over last 60 years, batch and batch of GARCO 10 worker generations have worked tiredlessly for building GARCO 10 from bamboo firms to ...

Telephone(+84 4) 3 827 6923

Dong Xuan Knitting Co., LTD.

524 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha Noi, Vietnam

Dong Xuan Knitting Co., LTD. Co., a member Kim Dong Xuan Textile (Textile Factory Kim Dong Xuan ago) to name DOXIMEX, established since 1959. Business is the first state of Vietnam textile needles, with production lines from the complete weaving process finished fabrics, cutting, gar ...

Telephone(+84 04) 6 336 721/ 6 336 722
Fax(+84 04) 6 336 717