Nem Gia Soc

91 Go Dau, Tan Quy, Ho Chi Minh, Tan Phu, Viet Nam
+84 5 408 2564
+84 3 559 1635
Re-established in 1987 by Mr Nguyen Duc Cuong, Nem Gia Soc has strived to prove that Vietnam mattress industry is capable of being well known around the globe. With the family owned recipes of latex mattress and pillow, for over 25 years, Nem Gia Soc has successfully satisfied every single kind of clients with quality products and perfect customer services.

• 1987: Historical moment of Nem Gia Soc as it was re-established

This is the time that requires hard-working attitude, creativity and a strategic mind that can lead the whole company to glory. Nem Gia Soc was lucky to have all of its employee’s enthusiasm and devotion for an aiming target “To satisfy the clients with outstanding qualified products“

• 1995: The Evolution in Vietnam the latex sleep product industry

Nem Gia Soc has been recognized as the company with innovation and premium quality products. At this point, Mr Nguyen Duc Cuong was proud to introduce the first mould PU foam for luxury furniture. This is a great step forward as Nem Gia Soc is the pioneer in the latex mattress industry of Vietnam to use mould to produce foam product.

• 2001-2004: Embracing the world

These are the most memorial years of Nem Gia Soc since its quality has been accepted by the clients in the world market. Experts in the mattress industry from Korea, Taiwan, Australia, Japan and Singapore has been convinced that Nem Gia Soc product quality can answer the call of supplier for premium latex mattress.

• 2006-2010: Go green, go natural with certificates

In these years, Nem Gia Soc brand has been recognized in the market by the highly qualified products, perfect customer services and the most importantly, Nem Gia Soc has been certified by ECO Institute and LGA Institute of Germany. These two certificates have enabled Nem Gia Soc to provide the customers in Europe the benefit they deserve to have.
In 2010, Nem Gia Soc has officially presented in the world’s sleep product most illustrious association ISPA. This has been mark as a big step bringing Nem Gia Soc closer to North America.
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