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(+84 4) 6 281 3283

1. Consultancy on establishing enterprises

- Consultancy on forms of business: our consultant experts will help investors to choose among different types of business under Vietnamese law: Limited liability company with two or more members, one member limited liability company, partnership, private enterprise and shareholding company that best suit the company’s goals and missions.

- Consultancy on choosing company’s name: consultantcy on choosing the business’ name that suits with investors’ desire and does not conflict with the law. Business name will be protected under the form of a commodity’s brand name. (Brand name protection)

- Consultancy on business operations: consultant experts will consult on choosing, arranging business operations scientifically and in suitable way with national law and the business’ will.

- Consultancy on business establishment documents

* Consultancy on composing related documents according to national law
* Prepare business establishment documents

- Business registration procedures:

* Business registration
* Legal entity stamp
* Tax code registration

2. Consultancy on setting up branches and representative offices

- Prepare documents of establishing branches and representative offices

- Conduct the establishment of branches and representative offices

3. Consultancy on modifying business registration content

- Change another company’s representative according to the laws

- Change members

- Change the head office

- Change the operations and other changes

4. Consultancy on business’ organizing, re-arranging procedures

- Separate, split, merger, acquisition proceedings

- Dissolve and brokerage proceedings

5. Consultancy on other related issues

- Consultancy on initial capital

- Consultancy on proceedings after the establishment (enumeration and taxation, bills, etc.)

- Consultancy on other issues generating during the business’ operations.
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