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During the period from August 19, 2010 to September 19, 2010, INFO.VN received over 2.6 million page views, an increase of 48%, with an average visit length of 3 minutes, 53 seconds compared to an average visit length of 3 minutes, 30 seconds during the 30-day period following the site’s official launch in May 2010. The site has climbed to 273rd from 798th in the rankings of the most popular sites in Vietnam, according to, an Internet tracking firm with an unparalleled database of information about site statistics.

“We are delighted with the steady growth in traffic to INFO.VN. Our users are spending more time on the site and are delving deeper into all the information and services that INFO.VN has to offer. We expect this growth to increase the marketability and demand for online advertising services on our site as well as create a base of early adopters for all our new products and services in development. In the coming months, we will dedicate ourselves to improving, evolving and optimizing INFO.VN as we strive towards our goal of building the preferred source for the very best the Vietnamese Internet has to offer,” noted Dot VN CEO Thomas Johnson.

INFO.VN is built for individual and business users both in Vietnam and around the world as a main hub for news, entertainment and information available in one central and easy to navigate website. The website and all new services in development will be available in both Vietnamese and English, making access easier for non-Vietnamese speaking users.
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