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Maritime Bank

88 Lang Ha, Dong Da, Ha Noi, , , Vietnam
(+84 4) 3 771 8989
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Maritime Bank
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Vietnam Maritime Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Maritime Bank) was established under the decision No. 01/GP-NHNN on 8th June 1991 and officially started doing business on 12th July 1991 in Haiphong city, right after the Ordinance of Joint Stock Bank, Credit Cooperative and Finance Company was valid. At that time, the debate about the model of join stock bank was still had not been settled and Maritime Bank was one of the first Commercial Join Stock bank established in Vietnam. It was the result of collaboration strength and innovative thinking of founding shareholders: Vietnam Maritime Administration, Vietnam Post and Communication Group, The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam…

About Maritime Bank


At the beginning, Maritime Bank only had 24 shareholders, share capital of 40 billion VND and several branches in big cities such as Haiphong, Hanoi, Quang Ninh, and Ho Chi Minh City. The establishment of Maritime Bank at the early of 1990s was an important part in structure changing process of Vietnam economy.

The period from 1997 to 2000 was the challenging and difficult time for Maritime Bank. As the result of Asia financial crisis, Maritime Bank had faced many difficulties. However, by our own strength and spirit, Maritime Bank had step by step regained the balance and continued to develop since 2005.

Until now, Maritime Bank has grown strongly, sustainably and created customer’s faith. The current share capital is 3.000 billion VND and total asset reach 84.000 billion VND. Number of branches increase rapidly from 16 branches in 2005 to 130 branches at the middle of 2010.

With the decision to complete restructure, from business strategy, brand image, branch design to customer approach method… until now, Maritime Bank is considered as an innovative bank with strong business strategy & professional transaction model in Vietnam.


Maritime Bank strives to be the leading commercial stock bank in providing professional multi - financial services that meet the international standards.

With the commitment for sustainable development, Maritime Bank strives to become the leading national commercial stock bank in modernizing, creation and faithfulness in every business operations.


* Create effective relationship with financial group in main industries such as maritime, telecommunication, aviation, investment, insurance...

* Sustainable development, trustworthy for small and medium business customers.

* Provide high quality banking services for all customers.

* Build effective partnership with international and domestic financial institutions.


* Focus on satisfying customer by quality service.

* All business operations have effective result.

* Learning and creating to reach perfectness.

* Cooperation and truth is the motivation to succeed.
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