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Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) was established under Decision No. 177/TTg dated 26th April, 1957 by the Prime Minister. Forty eigth years of development have witnessed a profound transformation of BIDV with several name changes as follows:

Bank for Construction of Vietnam (26/04/1957-24/06/1981)

Bank for Investment and Construction of Vietnam (24/06/1981-14/11/1990)
Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (from 14/11/1990

BIDV is the first to be established among four largest State-owned Commercial Banks in Vietnam and it is a special State-owned enterprise organized as a State General Corporation. As of 31st Dec, 2004, the Bank’s total assets reached approximately VND 104,000 billion and total chartered capital was supplemented to reach VND 3,860 billion. Organizational structure has been transformed toward the model of a modern, international financial group. At present, BIDV comprises five units namely State-owned Commercial Bank unit (including 3 transaction centers and branches nationwide), Subsidiaries, Administrative, Joint-Venture and Investment Unit. Total employees of the whole system reached over 8,000, those who are well equipped with expertise and knowledge of modern banking technology.

BIDV functions as a universal commercial bank providing a full range of currency, credit , banking and non-banking services, and acting as authorized agency funding projects with sources from domestic and international financial institutions. With its experience investing in key projects, BIDV plays the leading role in development investment and project financing in Vietnam.

BIDV has always accomplished its tasks as assigned by the Government since its establishment. In parallel with other State-owned Commercial Banks, BIDV has always been regarded as a main agency to execute national monetary policy. BIDV has ensured full compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and fulfilled its obligations to national budget.

BIDV’s business objectives are Efficiency, Security, Sustainable Development and International Integration.

Our mottos are “Customers’ business effectiveness is BIDV’s target” and “Cooperation for mutual development” with regards to customers and business partners respectively. To this end, BIDV always listens to and welcomes comments from customers and partners, and continuously improves our service quality to satisfy customers’ various requirements. With its commitment to “supply customers with products and services of highest quality and best utility”, BIDV has received ISO 9001:2000 certificate granted by BVQI and Quacert for the last consecutive three years.

As a business entity operating in credit and currency industry, BIDV has constantly shared knowledge, experience and cooperated with both domestic and international banks and financial institutions towards mutual benefit and development.

An active member of the society, BIDV is highly concerned about community development
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