1, Giang Van Minh Street, Ha Noi, VN, Viet Nam
(+84 4) 6 255 6789
(+84 4) 6 299 6789
Founding Agency: Ministry of National Defense
Decision 336/QĐ-QP, 27/07/1993 to establish the State enterprise granted by the Ministry of National Defense and Decision
43/2005/QĐ-TTg, 02/05/2005 by the Prime Minister.
Together with the goal to build Viettel into a powerful brand in Vietnam; Together with the 5 development standpoints; Together with business philosophy of serving customers as individuals and for community development; Together with brand philosophy of continuous development that considers innovation and creativity as the motivation, and the harmony between people as the premise, the core values of Viettel culture will create a comprehensive perfect whole in term of ideology foundation for an enterprise.

Field of business activity:

* Posts and Telecommunications services
* Develop software products for electronic, telecommunications, communication technology, Internet.
* Produce, assembly, repair and trade in electric, telecommunications electronic, communication technology and wireless electric receive – transmit equipments.
* Construction of posts and telecommunications, communication technology, electrical transmission works.
* Survey, develop posts and telecommunications, information technology projects.
* Train human resources for posts and telecommunications industry.
* Invest in infrastructure, real estate, hotel, travel, warehouse and transportation.
* Import and export equipment for electronic and communication, information technology projects
* Produce pulp and paper products, carton
* Press and printing services
* Produce cards for post and telecommunication industry, services industries
* Wholesales and retails of machineries, spare parts for printing industry.

Development Milestones

§ 1/6/1989: Establishment of SIGELCO, former organization of Military Telecom Corporation (Viettel).
§ 1989 – 1994: First broadband microwave backbone was built (140 Mbps), highest antenna tower (85 meters) in Vietnam at that time was built.
§ 1995: The only and first ever new enterprise to be granted license for providing long distance full services in Vietnam.
§ 1999: Completion of 2.5 Mbps optical fiber backbone of latest technology in Vietnam with successful application of bi-directional transmission technique over one fiber.
§ 2000: First enterprise to offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service to market nationally.
§ 2001: VoIP international service offered to market.
§ 2002: Internet Access service offered to market.
§ 2003: Fixed telephone (PSTN) services were provided
International satellite gateway was put in operation.
§ 2004: Mobile phone service was launched.
International optical gateway connected.
§ 2005: VPN services was offered.
§ 2006: Investment in Cambodia and Laos.
§ 2007: $1 billion revenue (estimated).
12 million subscribers in service.
Fixed – Mobile - Internet services convergence.
§ 2008:
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