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BUSINESS.VN, Inc. (“BVNI”), a leading Vietnamese Internet technology and marketing company, is developing an exclusive e-commerce global business platform to promote, market and sell products and services of qualified Vietnamese companies.

BVNI is focused on marketing travel and tourism services for visitors to Vietnam, and B2B Business to Business marketing of goods and services for Vietnamese companies, as well as importing and exporting between Vietnamese companies dealing with the rest of the world.

BVNI will assist Vietnamese companies to launch their products into the world market through online services similar to Business to Business (“B2B”) networking and services have proved to be extremely valuable, with recently selling for $350 million.

BVNI has acquired a 300,000-business database of Vietnamese companies, and is currently working with government agencies through strategic alliances to launch a business search engine.
BVNI markets the award winning hotel reservation site, marketing over 400 hotels located in Vietnam. This comprehensive online travel web portal has been operating successfully for over 4 years.

Our vision tells us where we are headed. We can only seize what we can imagine and see. For our vision to be real, it can't merely be stated: we must live it.

Our vision is ambitious: simply, to be the best at what we do. We plan to be the leader of e-commerce solutions for the country of Vietnam .
We are an innovative company where we challenge one another to improve everything we do within an environment of trust and absolute integrity.

We strive to be the premiere e-commerce solution provider for the country of Vietnam .

Our team is committed to providing the ultimate customer service.

We believe in building long term relationships with our partners and alliances by combining our expertise in marketing and e-commerce with the latest software solutions.

We are Vietnam 's e-commerce, Travel & Tourism Company.
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