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91 Go Dau, Tan Quy, Ho Chi Minh, Tan Phu, Viet Nam, 70000
+84 8 3 559 1635
+84 8 5 408 2564
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Dear customer,

Company Mattress Co. Ltd Nem Sieu Re would like to send you greetings and best wishes appreciate success!

With a team of skilled workers, professionals and technical expertise, along with a team of professional sales, enthusiastic and dynamic company, we manufacture and supply various kinds of latex, rubber knee response demand for all work items from the house villas, residential apartments central, luxury hotel, until the popular hotels, residential housing, etc. ..

Rubber mattresses and pillows of our rubber is produced with 100% natural rubber, making the life of the product stable with time, with reasonable shape structure, create favorable conditions and the optimal resilience, our products always offer the comfort, quiet night's sleep for your customers.

We meet the product specifications required by customers.

Special prices are reasonable, delivery, good after-sales services.

With the advantages mentioned above, Nem Sieu Re Mattress Company we are very pleased to be reliable companion of yours.

You need to equip the mattresses, pillows, please contact us by phone:

+ Sales: 08 3559 1536
+ Hotline: 0919 919 469

We look forward to the contributions and feedback from our customers.

Best regards!
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