Mr.IDEA Advertising JSC.

106 Nguyen Si Sach, Ward 15, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
(+84 8) 2 246 0247
(+84 8) 3 949 1502
Mr IDEA adevetising was founded by Song Van group with the sole purpose of changing the way companies look at visual communication.

With a wide variety of outlets for design and development services, especially in HCM, companies tended to work piece-meal with different studios. They would call on Company A to do their identity, Company B to create their stationery system, Company C to do their site, etc. In listening to our clients, we learned quickly that they preferred working with one company to provide all design and development solutions. Their goal was to find a multi-disciplinary studio that offered a broad array of services where this relationship would handle all their needs.

This was the foundation for Mr IDEA. However, the trade-off with this approach, in a traditional business structure, means that companies would have two options:A studio that offers complete design and development services does not have to focus to excel in specific areas.

A studio that staffs people with different specializations, full-time, needs to pass this overhead to clients.

The solution to this issue was surprisingly simple, and the heart of why Mr IDEA is so different. In fact, our clients' needs are the reason that Mr IDEA exists in the form that it does today.

Build Brand and develop system Brand Identity Design
Brand identity corporate design,
Create Brand name, slogan, Logo design, graphic design
Carry out programs communication to develop brand identity

Exhibition, Showroom, 3D design, Printing , Billboard outdoor…

MrIDEA has professional designers.

Scope of activities:
- Brand Identity
- Decorate
- Printing Design
- Video Reels
- Web Design
- 3D design
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